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Investment Strengths

Golden Concord Holdings Limited(hereinafter referred to as “GCL”), parent company of GCL New Energy, is a leader in the energy industry and has nearly 20 years of power operating experience. As China's largest non state-owned power company, GCL has accumulated a wealth of development, construction, operation and maintenance experience in solar, wind, biomass and other fields. It is China's first PV system integrator and first energy management contract (EMC) enterprise, China’s largest PV power plant developer in the United States, and the solar enterprise with the largest investment in Africa. In the photovoltaic industry, GCL enjoys a high reputation and was elected Chairman of Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA).

GCL possesses a strong technological innovation capability. In the PV materials manufacturing field, GCL has high-purity polysilicon and series of high efficient wafers manufactured with own proprietary technologies, always leading the industry's progress. With PV products of higher conversion efficiency and lower cost as well as highly optimized PV systems provided by GCL Group, GCL New Energy enjoys unique advantage in its construction of efficient and quality power plants as well as its research and integration of new energy applications.