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Operation Management

GCL New Energy optimises its management and control model continually.  Through a four-in-one model incorporating ‘HQ - provincial companies - regional centres - independent power stations’, it set up a real time management platform for production, to enable centralised distance control of PV power stations, automatic data collection and analysis, equipment troubleshooting and scheduled maintenance, achieving the results of ‘regional management, centralised control, separation of operation and examination, minimal or man-less operation.’

GCL New Energy adopts the ‘entire life cycle’ concept for power stations, taking into consideration the efficient and low cost running of the facilities at the early stage of development. The company introduces cutting-edge technology into the O&M of PV power stations from other industries to enhance the power generation efficiency. At the mean time, the asset efficiency of PV stations is maximised through increasing power generated by marketing, trans-regional delivery, direct supply for key account clients, power replacement etc.