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GCL New Energy’s CSR Report Received Four-Star Rating from China Academy of Social Sciences

(14 Jul 2017, Hong Kong) GCL New Energy Holdings Limited (“GCL New Energy” or the “Company”, Stock Code: 451.HK) published Corporate Social Responsibility Report (“CSR Report”), and received a Four-Star rating from China Academy of Social Sciences. GCL New Energy has issued an annual standalone CSR report since last year. This report was prepared in accordance with the Core Option of the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”), the Environmental, Social, and Governance Reporting Guide issued by the SEHK, and the Guide to the Preparation of Corporate Social Responsibility Reports of China issued by the CASS. All departments of the Company cooperated tightly to conduct in-depth research among interested parties through various methodologies such as questionnaire and interviewing. The Company presented a comprehensive report based on macro policy, industry dynamics and company operation with abundant photos and diagrams, and was commented as “pioneering” and “outstanding” in criteria of Procedural, Materiality, Completeness, Balance, Readability and Novelty.
Looking ahead to 2017, GCL New Energy will continue to fulfil its responsibilities as a corporate citizen to create maximum value for our every stakeholders, including employees, investors, clients and society. The Company will proactively organise and participate in social, educational and community services, and continue to carry out solar poverty alleviation for the community. The Company is also committed to enhancing employee welfare and work environment to retain and attract talents, and building a team with a strong sense of team spirt and togetherness to face the intensifying challenges in the future solar energy industry. GCL New Energy will continue to use national energy policies as its compass. While steadily developing our business within China, the Company will actively seek opportunities to enter overseas markets. With the new strategy of “equal importance of local and overseas businesses”, the Company will seize the new development opportunities brought about by the Belt and Road Initiative. As usual, GCL New Energy will strengthen project development, promote intelligent operation and maintenance, improve safe production standards and reduce the cost of electricity. GCL New Energy hopes to realise grid parity as early as possible, promote green energy to thousands of households, and continue to contribute to social advancement and environmental protection.

For the whole Report, please refer to the announcement.