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Mr. ZHU Yufeng
Executive Director and the chairman of the Board

Mr. ZHU Yufeng is an executive Director and the chairman of the Board appointed on 11 December 2015 and joined the Board on 9 February 2015 as a non-executive Director and vice chairman of the Board. Mr. Zhu Yufeng is also the chairman of the nomination committee (the “Nomination Committee”), and a member of the remuneration committee (the “Remuneration Committee”) of the Company and the Strategic Planning Committee. Mr. Zhu Yufeng graduated from George Brown College (Business Administration Faculty) in 2005. Mr. Zhu Yufeng currently is a senior executive president of Golden Concord Holdings Limited (“Golden Concord”), and was also an executive president during the period from 13 May 2012 to 3 December 2014. Since 21 September 2009, Mr. Zhu Yufeng became an executive director of GCL-Poly. Mr. Zhu Yufeng was a general manager of a power enterprise. He is sophisticated in managing power plants. Mr. Zhu Yufeng also has years of experience working in electricity conglomerate, specializing in the area of integration management such as human resources, administration, supply chain and enterprises informatization etc. Mr. Zhu Yufeng is the son of Mr. Zhu Gongshan, an executive Director and honorary chairman of the Company.