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Mr. SHA Hongqiu
Non-executive Director

Mr. SHA Hongqiu is the non-executive Director appointed on 9 February 2015. Mr. Sha is a member of the Risk Management Committee. Since November 2006, Mr. Sha was an executive director and president of GCL-Poly. Since November 2012, Mr. Sha continued to serve as an executive president of GCL-Poly after resigning as an executive director of GCL-Poly. Mr. Sha is currently responsible for the overall operation and management of GCL-Poly’s power business. Mr. Sha has been awarded various titles, including the Outstanding Entrepreneur of Xuzhou* (徐州市優秀企業家) in 2000 and the Outstanding Enterprise Manager of Taicang* (太倉市優秀企業管理人才) in 2005. Mr. Sha graduated from the China University of Mining and Technology in 1986, majoring in enterprise management. Mr. Sha is a Senior Economist. He has over 15 years of experience in the operation and management of power plant.

* English name for identification only