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Mr. WANG Bohua
Independent Non-executive Director

Mr. WANG Bohua is an independent non-executive Director appointed on 9 May 2014. Mr. Wang is a member of the Audit Committee, the Remuneration Committee, the Nomination Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee. Mr. Wang was as an independent director of Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd., a company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: 600183) since December 2012 and retired since April 2015. Mr. Wang served as the deputy inspector of the Department of Electronics and Information Products Administration of the PRC Ministry of Information Industry* (中華人民共和國信息產業部電子信息產品管理司) (now the PRC Ministry of Industry and Information Technology* (中華人民共和國工業和信息化部)) from July 2007 to July 2012. Mr. Wang served as a member of the Professional Appraisal Group for the Science and Technology Progress Award of the PRC Ministry of Electronics Industry* (中華人民共和國電子工業部科技進步獎) in December 1995. Mr. Wang was an expert for the review and appraisal of the 2002 National Key New Products* (2002年度國家重點新產品) administered by the Department of Technological Progress and Equipment of the State Economic and Trade Commission* (國家經濟貿 易委員會技術進步與裝備司) in May 2002. Mr. Wang was elected as the vice president of the Fifth Council of China Electronic Production Equipment Industry Association* (中國電子專用設備工業協會) in October 2004. In November 2004, he further served as a member and deputy director of the Eighth Committee of the CIE Electronic Components Society* (中國電子學會元件分會) and the member of the Sixth Council of the Chinese Vacuum Society* (中國真空 學會). Mr. Wang was awarded qualification as a senior engineer by the PRC Ministry of Electronics Industry in September 1997.