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Financial Services

GCL New Energy promotes the integration between industry and finance by adopting multiple financial innovation approaches to improve its overall financing abilities. The company has been selected by MSCI, and has collected multiple awards including the Most Outstanding Investment Holding Company of Hong Kong, the Deal of the Year Award 2014 by Acquisition International Magazine, 2nd place in PVBL power station investor brand and so on.

Since listed, the company has been working closer with financial institutions.  In 2016 alone, it has made intentional agreements up to RMB 100 billion for financial cooperation, with tens of billions already in place. The company also uses traditional financing methods such as long-term financial leasing, project loans to meet the needs of its business at different stages. In addition, it is also exploring many direct financing and structural financing methods including corporate bonds, green bonds, industrial funds etc. Meanwhile, leveraging the favourable financial features of PV power stations, it also uses some innovative financial products such as asset securitisation and warehousing funds, to enable business development.

Convince the investors by guaranteeing investors in everest

Sign the first comprehensive operation insurance for the loss of generating capacity of solar PV power plant.

Establish industry Fund

Attract social capital through industry fund and increase industrial investment to enhance the development expectation of future listing platform.

Develop trust and asset securitization

Pack the cash flow with stable assets of PV power plants and securitize it, raise low-cost funds like insurance information management fund, to provide support for the rolling development of power plants.