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Distributed PV One-Stop Service


GCL New Energy keeps up with the development trends of PV industry, and actively expands its distributed PV power station projects. It has used rooftop spaces of public facilities, industrial and agricultural buildings, and their auxiliary spaces of these properties to construct power generation projects.  It also focuses on the new building projects in rural villages, urban expansion projects and PV poverty alleviation projects to develop residential rooftop PV with scale. The company has set up an internet platform for the distributed PV business, integrating ‘project financing, investment and developing, construction, operation management, and financial service’ to accelerate the penetration of distributed PV facilities. By 2020, distributed PV power stations will account for 30% of total installed capacity of the company.


Integrating a variety of leading-edge technologies based on the Internet, GCL New Energy proposed and implemented the "Six in One" distributed micro-energy network technology system, accelerating the process of energy production and consumption revolution. Leverage the Internet, the “Six in One” system combines six energy systems into one micro-energy network, including PV, gas-fired CCHP, wind, low-grade heat energy (ground source heat pump and solar thermal energy), LED and energy storage system, and meets the users’ needs for various energy. After various conversions and combinations, primary energy can meet users’ needs for various end-use energies for lighting, motors, appliances, air conditioning, heating, domestic hot water, steam, etc. in the most economical and efficient manner. Featured with “creating energy, green energy, more energy, micro-energy, energy storage, and energy-saving”, GCL’s “Six in One” distributed micro-energy network reduced investment and loss of energy delivery system and achieved the optimal allocation of energy, and will push forward energy development into the intelligent network era.