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Project Construction

GCL New Energy has strong abilities in system integration design, with a productive supply chain management system and an excellent engineering management system.  With quality of the power stations ensured, it has succeeded in controlling building costs and improving system efficiency.

There are around 120 professionals in the company’s design and research institute that designed and stocked many PV station plans of high efficiency patterns including agriculture-solar, fishing-solar, animal farming-solar, poultry-solar, mountain area, Gebi, rooftop, deserts, water surfaces, shoals and so on.

The company provides systematic and digitalised management of materials, offering dynamic and detailed management of project progress. Leveraging over 20 years of developing and managing experience in power generation industry, GCL New Energy deploys its 400+ senior employees by region, profession and business line for achieving optimal performance. It was among the first to use Project Management (PM) systems in construction, to enable entire process monitoring.